Since 1969, the Educational Film Center has consistently produced national and international award winning films and television programs. These many honors include: a national Emmy for the best instructional children's series in America and an Alpha Award for the most outstanding children's drama in America. In addition, EFC's Award winning collection includes fifteen local Emmys; ten gold, silver and bronze medals from the New York and Virgin Islands International Film and Television Festivals; twelve Cine Golden Eagles; five Chris Awards; seven Ohio State Awards; a Gabriel Award; a Tele Award; a Contemporary Issues Award: an ACT Award and numerous other citations for production excellence.

But awards themselves don't always tell the whole story. It is interesting to note, for example, that EFC awards have been won for programs entered in a variety of different categories. EFC's Tele Award, for example, was won for excellence in the field of training. The Contemporary Issues Award for an outstanding public affairs program. EFC's ACT and ALPHA AWARDS were presented for producing high quality children's television. A national EMMY was received for instructional programming in elementary education. Several of EFC's Golden Eagles and Ohio State Awards were for historical documentaries designed for an adult PBS audience.

Telly AwardAlpha AwardNMY Film Festival AwardsOhio State AwardChris Award