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Educational Film Center has an exciting new production currently in development entitled The Power of 7. You will find a description and a short video preview below, along with a DONATION BUTTON that will take you to PAYPAL and allow you to provide a tax deductible financial contribution to support Power of 7.



The Power of SEVEN

I ask victims of trafficking, when did you lose the soul? They say theirsouls left when the trafficker took them away from their families.That their souls are still in the rice field. When you are raped you lose your pralung —

Cambodia7\  Mu Sochua,Cambodia


The Power of 7 documentary film and civic engagement captures the provocative story of SEVEN, a play that transcends national borders to confront abuse and subjugation of women, revealing the power of theatre to catalyze social change. SEVEN dramatizes the struggles of seven courageous activists who have overcome massive obstacles to protect and empower women in their countries. Their hopeful progress inspires women everywhere to speak out and act.



A Place Called Justice

A PLACE CALLED JUSTICE celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, which guaranteed the right to vote to every elegible American citizen. A right denied to hundreds of thousands of Black Americans in the South because of race. It was a hard fight. And many dedicated their time, energy, and their lives to the cause. But a few were as critical to developing the 1965 Act itself than a fearless group of young men and women who worked at the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department . Without their tireless efforts, the 1965 Voting Rights Act would never have come to pass. And their story has never been told. This one hour PBS Television Special with Transmedia Outreach in every state and local community is a clarion call to American citizens to stand up and once again resume the fight to protect our democratic right to vote made necessary due to a 2013 Supreme Court decision declaring sections of the Act, unconsitutional.