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Welcome to the 50th Anniversary of the Northern Virginia Educational Telecommunications Association, (NVETA) Channel 53, known today simply as Educational Film Center (EFC).

Created in 1968 as NVETA, Channel 53 was originally intended to serve the schools of Northern Virginia. But before the television station went on the air a small division made up of young filmakers were hired to produce a series of instructional films, nationally distributed to schools by the Agency for Instructional Television (AIT) via the nations educational television system. For many years, this small band of filmakers producing for AIT created more quality instructional television than any other film production company in America. Then in 1975, NVETA became the independent organization known as Educational Film Center (EFC), an internationally known multimedia company which has created over 600 documentary and dramatic productions for worldwide broadcast, cable, satellite, schools, libraries, museums and home video markets.


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Whether series or single productions, high or low budget, youth or adult audiences, EFC's mission is always the same; to forge education and entertainment into captivating productions that inform and instruct.Our tools: