• IraIra H. Klugerman - CEO/Executive Producer: Ira H. Klugerman supervises all productionpersonnel and functions for EFC, assuring that project schedules and creative/production requirements are met. Mr. Klugerman has been associated with the company since 1972 in the capacity of Executive Producer-Director. Among his most recent credits was Executive Producer of the PBS special WHO KILLED THE FEDERAL THEATRE?, the Annenberg series DEMOCRACY IN AMERICA, the PBS special OFF LIMITS, and the series, REACTIONS IN CHEMISTRY, IN SEARCH OF THE NOVEL, EXPLORING THE WORLD OF MUSIC, INSIDE THE GLOBAL ECONOMY, VARIATIONS IN LIFE SCIENCE, and LIVE FROM THE PAST, and Co-Executive Producer of THE ODYSSEY OF JOHN DOS PASSOS. He was Production Executive for THE WORLD OF CHEMISTRY, the Wonderworks special TRAITOR IN MY HOUSE, Executive Producer for the documentary special, HARRY HOPKINS, AT FDR's SIDE, the two-hour special AMERICA'S EMBATTLED ECONOMY, the 28-part series ECONOMICS U$A, and the one-hour dramatic special OUT OF TIME. He also served as Project Director-Executive Producer for POWERHOUSE, and as Managing Producer for the 30-part parenting series FOOTSTEPS. Mr. Klugerman is the recipient of a National Educational Television Award, a National Emmy nomination the Television Achievement Award, Cine Golden Eagles, an Ohio State Award, and medals from a variety of national and international film and television festivals.
  • Ruth Pollak - CEO/Executive Producer: Ruth Pollak has been an Executive Producer, Producer, Writer, and Project Director for documentary and dramatic film and television for more than thirty years.  Many of her projects have been PBS national broadcast specials funded by the Endowment for the Humanities, including:  ONE WOMAN, ONE VOTE a history of American women’s 70-year battle to win the right to vote, narrated by Susan Sarandon; THE ODYSSEY OF JOHN DOS PASSOS; HARRY HOPKINS, AT FDR'S SIDEand two historical adventure dramas for children, TRAITOR IN MY HOUSE and OUT OF TIME.  Her non-broadcast historical films include:  CALLED TO SERVE, the story of American women in the military, for the memorial-museum at Arlington National Cemetery, I AM CLEVELAND PARK a story of historic neighborhood preservation through citizen action, narrated by Jim Lehrer and THE SECRET TO CHANGE, a biography of social activist and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient Mildred Jeffrey. Other projects where she has played a major role include:  the college telecourses  DEMOCRACY IN AMERICA, THE WORLD OF CHEMISTRY, ECONOMICS U$A, and EXPLORING THE WORLD OF MUSIC for the CPB/Annenberg project, a broadcast educational television series for colleges, high schools, and elementary schools. Pollak’s work has been recognized with a National Emmy, National Emmy Nomination, Regional Emmys, Ohio State Awards, Alpha Award, Gabriel Award, Cine Golden Eagles, Chris Statuette, and medals from national and international film and television festivals. She holds a B.A. from Sarah Lawrence College and an M.A. from the University of Maryland.


    Bonnie Nelson Schwartz - International Sales & Distribution Bonnie Nelson Schwartz has been with EFC since the late 1970's. She has been a Co-Project Director, Producer, Executive Producer, Casting Director, and Director and is now heading the Office of International Sales & Distribuution and Development. Ms Schwartz is also a Broadway Producer and Author. Her credits include WHO KILLED THE FEDERAL THEATRE?,the Annenberg series DEMOCRACY IN AMERICA, OUT OF TIME and POWERHOUSE. Ms. Schwartz was also responsible for coordinating all producers and website activities for the 2012 revision of ECONOMICS U$A . Apart from her responsibilities for Educational Film Center Ms. Schwartz is a theatrical Producer and Feature film Producer.



    Dan Rose - Director of Operations and Post-Production: Dan Rose has been with EFC for more than sixteen years, functioning in the capacity of Producer, Producer/Editor, Editor, and Director of Operations and Post-Production. As a producer, he has developed award-winning documentary, educational, instructional, and multimedia productions, designed to meet the specific needs of corporate, media, association, and education clients, including The Annenberg/CPB Project, PBS, CPB, The New York Times and The Associated Press. Mr. Rose has served as the Executive Director of Fairfax Public Access Corporation, Director of the Television Center at Brooklyn College, Vice President for Development at Children's Television International, and Archivist and Special Projects Manager of the American Film Institute. He was a member of the Advisory Panel and the Video Production Panel of the Fairfax Arts Council.